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Transform your leasing business.

Thousands of brokers and owners use Hightower to power their leasing operation.

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End-to-end leasing managment.

Hightower integrates your entire leasing managment workflow into a single powerful platform.

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Save time, win clients with real-time reporting,
and reach more tenants.

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Improve visibility, increase leasing efficiency,
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Customer Spotlight
“Hightower has integrated all of our systems into one platform. Everyone is on the same page at the same time.”
Elizabeth Bueno

Associate Director of Leasing

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Hightower is Focused on Your Success

Professional onboarding

“The first time you log into Hightower, all of your leasing activity, available inventory, and related collateral will be live on the system. Our onboarding team takes the hard work out of getting started and will be there to ensure you get set up correctly on the platform.”

Patrick Kehoe
VP of Commercial Operations

24/7 account management

“We’re not just high-tech, we’re high touch. Our customer success team is dedicated to helping you get the most from Hightower. No problem is too big, no question is too small. We are available to support any questions you have.”

Leah Carboni
Senior Account Manager

Enterprise security

“We know that data security is a top concern of our customers. Hightower is the recognized industry leader on this front. Customer data is protected with advanced permission models, two-factor authentication, 256-bit SSL encryption, and regular 3rd party audits.”

Niall Smart
Founder & CTO
Patrick Kehoe
VP of Commercial Operations
Leah Carboni
Senior Account Manager
Niall Smart
Founder & CTO
“Hightower has been a huge time saver, a great tool for collaboration, and a competitive advantage.”
Steven Soutendijk

Executive Director

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Customer Spotlight

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