Integrations for Hightower

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Currently integrating with:

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  • Jd edwards d678590146af66c5734538f56a53e027670d514b2937c5d5e96373e95b77e9e8
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In today’s world, whether you’re a leasing agent or an asset manager, you need to consult a variety of different systems during the leasing cycle. We at Hightower believe in a simpler world, in which you can manage all of your information in a single platform.

To that end, Hightower works with the rest of your internal systems through a series of integrations. Customers have reported significantly more value when they integrate other systems of record with their leasing management platform.

Hightower currently supports four types of integrations:

  • Property management integrations
  • Single sign-on integrations
  • Website integrations
  • Bespoke integrations

Property management integrations

Hightower’s Property Management System Integration is an automated ETL (“extract, transform, load”) process that updates building, tenant, and unit information in Hightower from your property management system via nightly data exports.

We support a broad range of property management systems including: Yardi, MRI, JDE, IBS, and others.

This integration delivers:

Dynamic stacking plans

Visualize deals, availability, and current tenants in one dynamic stack.

Full tenant visibility

Drill down to key tenant information and access specific points of contact, financial, and non-financial information.

Search & CRM

Explore tenant relationships and instantly search across your entire portfolio.

Unique reporting & insights

Surface renewal opportunities, understand industry exposure, track spaces with encumbrances, and more.

Single sign-on integrations

Hightower supports single sign-on (SSO) via the SAML 2.0 open standard. This streamlines user provisioning and deprovisioning, and allows customers to access Hightower with their corporate login credentials.

SSO benefits customers by:

  • Streamlining user provisioning and deprovisioning.
  • Allowing users to log in using their corporate login credentials.
  • Enabling custom access rules, password policies, and two-factor authentication.

Website integrations

Hightower integrates with your existing marketing website, enabling Hightower to act as your content management system for availabilities. When a suite comes on market, it is instantly added to the website, along with all supporting collateral.

This streamlines your marketing engine:

  • Reduce the number of contact points involved in updating marketing websites and materials.
  • Power real-time availability on your marketing website, with support for rich media and collateral.
  • Use the widget-based integration to offer a “drop-in” approach that can be styled to match your marketing brand.
  • Create a bespoke user experience with our availability API using your website development team.

Bespoke integrations

Hightower’s architecture enables a rich set of APIs to satisfy other integration needs. These include, but aren’t limited to: data warehouse and business intelligence integrations, legacy system integrations, and audit workflow integrations.

  • Availability API: Retrieve inventory data from your leasing system of record.
  • Pipeline API: Fetch detailed deal pipeline activity in real-time.
  • Attachments API: Upload, manage, and fetch document attachments.

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