The power of Hightower in your pocket.

We were founded on the belief that CRE professionals should be able to run every aspect of their leasing business from the palm of their hand. After months of work, and hundreds of hours collaborating with users, we’re excited to announce a dramatically more powerful version of Hightower mobile. Now available in the App Store and on Google Play, it’s chock-full of capabilities. Here are a few highlights:

Your rent roll in your pocket

For the first time ever, Hightower makes your entire rent roll accessible from your mobile device. Access tenant details, contact information, rent schedules, lease documents, and options and rights all from the new Hightower app.

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Powerful analytics

You’ve told us that having core leasing metrics at your fingertips is key to running your leasing business. So we’ve designed Hightower mobile to store all of that information on your smartphone. You can view your entire asset pipeline, metrics, and charts with the “Asset Overview” tab. There are also powerful search and filtering features to help you find and summarize your deal pipeline.

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Mobile deal pipeline tracking

Hightower Mobile 2.0 makes deal tracking effortless by bringing everything you need into a single easy-to-use interface. Track proposals, contacts, comments, tours, and analysis for every deal across your portfolio. And with push notifications, you'll be immediately notified of any updates to the deal or of any comments being made by a member of your leasing team.

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Your mobile “N:\”

Need access to your marketing or deal files on the go? Hightower mobile has got you covered by putting all of your marketing and leasing files in the palm of your hand. Pull up the latest proposal terms or review relevant floor plans directly from the app so you’re never caught unprepared.

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Connect to the Hightower network

With the world’s largest database of almost 20,000 leasing agents, you can find just about any broker’s info by searching their name — including the one whose business card you lost.

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Download the mobile app.