Landlord Advisor FAQ

Find answers below to your frequently asked questions about Landlord Advisor.

About Hightower

What exactly do you do?

Hightower is the leading end-to-end leasing management platform for the commercial real estate industry. In other words, we centralize all your disparate leasing information and data into one platform that is cloud-based and dynamically updated. This means that you are no-longer dependent on static spreadsheets, saving time and giving you better visibility and insight into your leasing business.

What is leasing management?

Leasing management is a new breed of technology that allows CRE professionals to streamline their leasing workflow, consolidate fragmented and static documents into a single platform, and instrument every aspect of their leasing business to help spot problems and measure performance in real-time.

Unlike property management software or generic CRM platforms, leasing management serves as an end-to-end solution that is truly tailored to your business.

The software integrates with existing data sources and systems to truly act as a command center for your leasing operation. The dynamic integration allows for live stacking plans, full tenant visibility, live view of portfolio expirations, and live encumbrance tracking and alerts.

What if I already have a CRM?

The problem with traditional/dedicated CRMs is that they attempt to be a “one size fits all” solution across any industry. Hightower is a tool specifically designed from the ground up by CRE professionals for CRE owners and brokers. Hightower goes beyond standard contact management and measures things like your exposure to a specific tenant, monitoring encumbrances, tour volume, and tracking deal terms. We bring it all together to be your new system of record for your leasing/asset management business.