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The challenges of adopting new technology

It’s relatively easy to sign people up for a new software platform. The harder problem is successful adoption and a fundamental change in existing workflows to unlock the full business value of transforming your leasing operation. There are countless stories of companies adopting new products or software, only to let it fall by the wayside when end-users or individuals didn’t embrace the change.

Commercial real estate is no exception that problem. Almost everyone in the commercial real estate industry has some scar from a past attempt of software adoption. Gardner Peavy, a partner at Peloton, shared his personal experience: “A few years ago, we paid for a CRM and modified it to work for us. As much as we wanted it to work, it just didn’t flow like we needed it to. When software is not intuitive, no one will use it and it will definitely not become a daily activity. If no one is using it consistently, it serves no purpose.”

Our mission at Hightower is to enable customers to capture the full value of a platform like Hightower by helping drive this change and ultimately make our customers more productive and happy.

The Hightower solution

Given the importance of change management to capturing value, we’ve built a world class customer success team to help our customers navigate this journey.

Our team break this journey down into four phases:

  • Goal setting & planning
  • Deployment & onboarding
  • Training & adoption
  • Ongoing value capture

For each of our enterprise customers, we provide a dedicated account manager that will pull in different expertise for each of these phases.

Phase 1: Goal setting & planning

To drive change it’s critical to set the right goals. We work with our customers to determine the right goals and timeline for their organization. We clarify the roles/responsibilities of both the customer and Hightower teams to make the deployment a success and to create good accountability. We then make sure they get communicated and agreed to across the organization so there are clear expectations.

During the planning phase, we also determine what success looks like over what time frame. We avoid a big-bang approach and instead opt to break the project down into smaller modules with a phased roll-out with clear deliverables. This prevents any major bottlenecks or dependencies.

Phase 2: Deployment & onboarding

You have tons of data, from a bunch of different sources, that you need to get onto Hightower. The goal of onboarding is to collect this data quickly and accurately to help you get up and running as soon as possible.

Onboarding is the process of collecting your mission critical data (leasing activity reports, rent rolls, options, marketing materials, etc.) from across your organization, reviewing it, structuring it into Hightower, and then making it available to your teams.

In doing this, we make sure that:

  • Your data is collected securely, efficiently and effectively (we do a lot of the heavy lifting)
  • Your data is structured and accurately entered into our platform
  • Your data is reviewed before go-live
  • You have a clear visibility into the progress of this on a week to week basis

We do this in the most time-efficient way so you can get up and running on the platform as quickly as possible. We have a team of specialists dedicated to help you get up and running on the platform as quickly as possible. If you choose to integrate your property management system with Hightower, we’ll help guide you through the process to minimize disruption to your workflow.

Phase 3: Training & adoption

After your assets and accounts go-live, we focus on training and adoption. Our platform is pretty intuitive. As Liz Bueno of Two Trees Management told us: “The software is purpose-built for CRE, and designed to support our specific leasing needs.”

However, we want to make sure your team have an opportunity to receive live training. In addition we have a wealth of training and help materials to aid your team to get up and running. We provide all our enterprise accounts with a snapshot of adoption progress to make sure this is on track.

Phase 4: Ongoing value capture

The last, and arguably most important phase of product adoption is value capture. At Hightower, we want to make sure you are getting the most value from the platform.

To address this we provide you with a dedicated account manager who is a partner to your account focused on making sure you are realizing the greatest benefit from our platform. We provide periodic in person business reviews and bi-weekly checkins to share insights on progress on adoption on the platform (e.g., Are you tracking encumbrances correctly across your portfolio? Are all your brokerage teams engaged on the platform?)

We also use these meetings to share product updates and get your feedback on our platform.

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